Ringmaster Artista Rayleas Lydon Catcombe Cheshire at Millgreen Catcombe Czar Stolford Moonduster
Catcombe Choice
Catcombe Crumpet GB CH Westley Samuel
Catcombe Candide
Deanwood Cerian of Rayleas Fernyvayle Rambler of Pinecrest Shandeen Sportsman of Pinecrest
Fernyvayle Solitaire
Rayleas Michaela of Deanwood Rayleas Cyclone
Rayleas Spring Song
Ringmaster Golden Honey TJH LP Casags Feodor SE UCH Dinky April Highlight NORD UCH INT UCH Apports Lightfoot
FI UCH Adelina of Woodhill
Casags Wickie SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Hedetorpets Simon
SE UCH Ringmaster Triplet Beauty Royalringmaster of Woodhill NO UCH Gyrima Zacharias
Rosemary of Woodhill
SE UCH Ringmaster Pretty Check Point of Yeo
SE UCH Enterprise of Yeo
Bringback's Florentine Sungold Lucky Wuk Joe's Wuk DK JCH Mike DK JCH Holway Rory
DK JCH Highwood Ginny
DK JCH SE JCH Spica Duvkullans Zephyr
Sungold Sweet Sensation NO V-92 NO UCH Jobeka Jaguar GB SHCH Nortonwood Silvanus
Stirchley Sugarbush of Jobeka
Sungold Miss Morning Joy ej reg/not reg:
ej reg/not reg:
Goldzack Smiling Queen SE UCH DK UCH SE JCH Respons Specialist-Ten SE UCH Amirene Larus GB SHCH Amirene King Eider of Davern
Darris Double Dutch at Amirene
SE UCH Respons Quiche-Ten Nipdalens Robin
SE UCH LP Respons Intrikat-Ten
Ringmaster Penny L-Zack Inassicas Chairman
Ringmaster Tjorven
Ringmaster Windy Ringmaster Moving Lad
Ringmaster Smash